Sunday, 11 February 2018

College party fight

Good looking girls fight at party

Friendly fights

A 'friendly' fight between two cute girls. Although there is no animosity between them, they hit the shit out of each other. Fight starts at about 1.45. 
Boxing to a knockdown.
 Tough MMA style fight.

A New Queen (Tribal Wars) - Joe Smith


 Lessja is the daughter of an Amazon queen. Her life changes when her best friend dies during a fight and her mother's is challenged for her position.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Beach fights

Fights at and around the beach. Mostly bikinis, mostly brutal.

Chicken fights at Higgins Lake

Chicken fights at the lake. Bikini tops are targeted in most of the fights.

Underwear foxy boxing

Girls in club fight in their underwear for a cash prize. Highlights of fights only.

Campground bikini boxing

Bikini boxing at a campsite. First fight pits mother against daughter.